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Futon beds queen size are elements of traditional Japanese decoration that, like many others, we have adopted and westernized. Its natural materials, neutral colors and simple lines transmit calm and facilitate rest, especially recommended for a bedroom. Beyond aesthetics, many health experts recommend the multiple benefits of sleeping on a firm surface. Then we review its history and the different solutions that you can find currently in the market.

Mattresses that are placed on the mat and used as a seat or bed are called futons. The futon beds queen size have a thickness of 5 cm and consisting of a cover and a cotton or other artificial material. They are designed to be folded and stored during the day, allowing the tatami to be ventilated and the room used for other activities.

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For those who find this futon beds queen size type hard, there are also models that intersperse layers of natural latex. With them you get a base to rest softer and undeformable. In addition, it is a more durable product, since the perforated structure of the latex allows a better ventilation of the cotton. The tatami is the ideal surface to support a futon, since it allows its optimal breathing. They can also be placed on slatted bases of solid wood.

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