Modern Trends Light Gray Walls

About Light Gray Walls

The decoration in neutral colors, although usually very classic, remains within the modern trends of decoration, given its high power to convey elegance to different spaces and decorative styles. The light gray walls in particular are one of the trends of recent year’s remains very much alive. The gray color has many shades that can be hotter or cooler, and all of them can be harmoniously combined with many other colors, whether natural or striking.

Pearl gray, light gray walls and charcoal gray are some of the most commonly used shades of gray on the walls, as a neutral background to decorate in other colors. Pale gray and luminous shades are a very interesting option if you do not want to have white walls, but still want to maintain neutrality. But since the gray seems rather cold, a couple of combinations and color accents are recommended to warm and invigorate the space.

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You can also include in this type of decoration warm shades of wood or metallic glitters, in which the silver tones stand out. An excellent option is to choose upholstered armchairs in a light gray walls color, in contrast to a dark brown wood color on the floor, as well as floral patterns can be accommodated in a very warm and soft range, in details such as cushions and cushions.


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